Excerpt- When should I have my baby?

Here is an excerpt from Chapter one:

Sperm Tales has a second audience and that is for young women to beware of that biological clock ticking away, while life goes on:

Chapter 1:  When Should I Have My Baby?

Confusion and lack of understanding about the basic aspects of this critical decision pervade the early stages

of this journey. I read an article in Newsweek in 2001 focusing on different women who pondered when they wanted to start

their families, most of whom chose to put it off for several years. Some were at the height of their careers; others

were traveling or going to graduate school. They had no social life and felt that this wasn’t the right time to

have children. One woman who was in medical school knew she was pushing the biological time clock. Even so,

she felt that the advancement in technology would help her conceive by the time she was ready. Another woman

found her “Mr. Right” at the age of 42 and decided then she wanted to start a family.  (If movie stars can get

pregnant at 40, why can’t I?) Over the next few years this woman and her husband tried to conceive naturally with

no success. They went to a fertility specialist and, in time, were able to conceive, but then miscarried. She was devastated.

She could not have imagined she would have such a such a problem conceiving. She asked herself, “What did

I do? Did I wait too long to start trying?” Worse, she had spent over $3,000 for the first month of injectable medications.