Author’s Bio- Sperm Tales

lynn back of book

 Sperm Tales an Infertility Book written from the aspect of a Medical Technologist

Hi my name is Lynn and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and why I wrote the book:

I have managed an infertility laboratory for over 12 years and worked with physicians and nurses on a day-to-day basis, along with the couples participating in the program. Over the years I have experienced what it is like for both partners to go through this process. Some couples struggle with it, while others breeze through it without much incident. Even the ones, who seem to have little difficulty, crave information related to the infertility practice. I recently took a survey and asked couples within the program if they thought a book about infertility and what it involves would be helpful to them. Everyone thought it would be beneficial and wanted to know where they could get a copy. I had been looking for resources in the library and on the Internet to see what was out there to help these couples. I found many books and references, some I felt were too scientific and difficult to understand unless you were a physician or a nurse. At that point I realized that there was a need to write this book for those couples that expressed a desire to know more about infertility and their options. I’m trying to bring a different aspect of infertility to the patients and tell the inside story of what happens in an Andrology (Sperm) Lab from day to day. My goals are to provide the necessary information, make couples laugh, and help them to understand what to expect from the process as they go through  the program. I wanted to make it a fun read while bringing in the necessary science at a level that everyone can comprehend.